ADGE Hotel


Surry Hills  SYD

A Lively Addition to Sydney's Hospitality Scene

ADGE Hotel captures the eclectic spirit of Surry Hills, one of Sydney’s trendiest neighbourhoods. The hotel’s fit-out is a true statement of the fusion of colour and design, with kaleidoscopic fabrics and modern shapes that infuse energy into every corner. From the spacious lobby furnished with playful furniture to the guest rooms featuring bold and unique colour palettes, this property redefines hospitality by showcasing artistic expression and creating cultural expression.

Australian artist Adrian Hing, whose murals are inspired by traditional Asian art features his work all throughout the property.

Our design team meticulously custom-designed all furniture and joinery to suit the vision of SJB architects, ensuring that every product not only meets functionality and comfort but also contributes to the overall coherence and ambiance of the space.